Credit Card Processing

  • Competitive Rates
  • Accept Payment by Phone
  • Integrated into System for easy reconcilliation


Add parts to Inventory, link Vendors to parts, set Department Codes and search by:

  • Your Part/Item#
  • Vendor Part/Item#
  • Manufacturer Part/Item#
  • Description
  • Category
  • Department

Set your cost, different retail price levels, create purchase orders, process & track deliveries, track item sales history, and run reports such as:

  • Price/Cost/Profit
  • Parts In Use
  • Top Sellers
  • Physical Count Sheets
  • Quantity on Hand
  • Accounting History


Full access to view, print or email any ticket in history. You can even search by

  • Name
  • Ticket#
  • Plate
  • VIN
  • Model
  • Fleet ID
  • Ticket Status
  • Ticket Date


Choose when you process your completed/paid tickets and print accounting reports such as:

  • End of Day Summary
  • Daily Labor*
  • Payment Detail*
  • Sales Group (Day/WTD/MTD/YTD)
  • Extended Labor (Day/WTD/MTD/YTD)
  • Extended Reconciliation
  • Delivery Report*
  • Daily Item Movement
  • Track Item Groups (Day/WTD/MTD/YTD)
  • Print Paid Work Orders
  • Compu-Track
  • Tax Report
  • Cost Report
  • Source of Lead (Day/WTD/MTD/YTD)
  • Logging Report (any change made to a ticket)
  • Service Writer Report (Detail/Summary)
  • Technician Profit Report (Detail/Summary)


Schedule your tickets to run a more organized and efficient shop. You can:

  • Set your shop hours as well as days the shop will be closed
  • Add as many bays as you need & name them as you wish
  • All tickets are color coded based on current ticket status
  • Set Committed Times for time sensitive vehicles
  • View Schedule by Day, Week or Month
  • Print your schedule
  • Load ticket from schedule
  • Create new ticket from schedule
  • Schedule a ticket from the ticket itself

Labor Tracking

  • Set up your technicians/service writers with their associated billable rates and cost
  • Assign them to the tickets they are to work on for easy tracking
  • Run Daily Labor or Extended Labor reports based on billable hours vs. actual
  • Run technician and service writer profit reports

Custom Jobs

  • Add up to 9 different work groups per ticket
  • Customize your jobs with Pre-set parts and labor/labor times to save time when creating tickets
  • Integrate a supplier to automatically look up parts availability when a job is added to a ticket
  • Keep all Jobs organized by using Master Jobs/Detail Lists/Itemized Detail Lists
  • Set appropriate Sales Groups and Service Types for accurate tracking, reporting and service reminders
  • Set Quoted pricing for parts, labor or total
  • Set Surcharges to individual jobs and choose if they apply to parts, labor or both
  • Create Custom Oil Change Packages
  • Update Labor Rates for ALL jobs with a single click

Online Ordering

Integrate your part suppliers directly into Bay-masteR to save you time

  • View real time availability, and will show if you already have in your own stock
  • View your cost, markup/margin percent, sell price, list price and core charges
  • Since Bay-masteR is vehicle specific, it will only show parts compatible with the vehicle on the ticket
  • Save parts to the ticket for an estimate, or order on the spot directly from the ticket
  • Parts saved as estimate will be ready to be ordered when estimate has been approved
  • View/Print all Warranty info, TSB’s, Product Information, Product Specs, OE Cross Reference numbers and an image of the part
  • Compare prices with multiple suppliers

Craig A. - 08/14/19 - 5/5

Its perfectly designed for the auto repair shop in mind! Not much I could complain about. I have been in the auto industry since 1973. I have been using Bay-masteR since 1998.

Sharon E. - 08/13/19 - 5/5

Love that you have an all in one program. You’re able to import parts and labor right into the estimate and order your parts from the program itself. There is a lot of different aspects of this program that I love. Cost and efficiency.

James B. - 08/07/19 - 5/5

I demoed Bay-masteR along with several other software brands. I chose Bay-masteR. Bay-masteR is one of the easiest & quickest software programs I have used to write & complete a ticket. I like that it keeps parts & labor for each job on ticket in groups separating each group on the ticket. Some programs I have tried places the parts & labor all run together so you don't know what part goes with what labor, making it confusing. Having separate jobs makes it so that I can make several jobs or estimates on a ticket. Then while on the phone with the customer and trying to sell multiple repairs I can select or deselect each job giving the customer different options and pricing. The software automatically updates pricing as selecting & deselecting work, making getting approval for work easy. Also the repairs that the customer does not approve are saved as quotes & will load onto the new ticket the next time customer returns. I love the texting feature. It helps a lot. I like the inventory feature also. I use the program to order my parts through NAPA prolink. Great customer service & tech support. I like using the software. Would recommend.

James Q. - 08/05/19 - 5/5

Very easy to use. Very powerful. Choose what features you need. Customer support is awesome. I really like the web based program. My experience has been one of the best investments in our business after over 30 years. We have used Bay-masteR for over 15 years and have never looked back. I have looked at other programs but have never found one that is as easy to use and as powerful. And all are more costly.

Barbara R. - 08/05/19 - 4/5

I like the features such as accounting, customer and vehicle history, inventory and marketing. We have used Bay-masteR since 1997. I appreciate all the features and would recommend it to any automotive repair shop, it is invaluable for keeping track of everything. Excellent customer service! When our shop had a computer crash the tech support had us totally restored within hrs. One of my favorite features is the history, I can pull up any work order in seconds, it makes it so easy to answer mechanics questions and customer questions. I think this software is great, it makes every part of my job easier.

Jim O. - 08/04/19 - 5/5

How many companies that sell shop management software listen to the end user? Of the few that listen how many entertain the thought of implementing a change based on a comment from the end user? Over the years this company has always been receptive in hearing and reviewing my suggestions, following up with required dialogue and in many cases implementing a change accordingly. We are all in this together and they understand that we, the end user of their product, may see or envision a change that could be an improvement. Their open minded, approachable business model has always impressed me. Their support staff is excellent and responsive to all of my needs. A recently released cloud version includes small changes that overall make it better than the old version. The texting feature found on both versions is great way to improve customer communication and efficiency with very little effort. Direct interfaces with our suppliers eliminates unproductive phone orders and price/part number entry mistakes. We are producing accurate, easy to understand invoices with very little effort. Customer communication has improved with our ability to send canned text messaging quickly and easily.

Customer Reviews

Chuck B. - 09/23/19 - 4/5

We have used Bay-masteR for over 20 years. Just recently (6-8 months) converted to their cloud based system. Pros= Easy back up. More features. Techs can access and work in the work order. I have access to the work orders off site. I like the all in one value. I can track history, payment, statements, inventory, etc all on the same program.